A Little Bit of a Restart

It’s always been hard for me to blog. Not that I don’t have a billion things I want to share. I do. All kinds of things like how I am feeling at a particular moment or something cute or funny or silly that my kids did, or what I have been learning lately like learning about the truth default that almost all humans inherently allow to control their thoughts and judgments. I have a lot to share. I don’t though mostly because I am not use to sharing, It has not become routine or familiar. This form of sharing, of typing black letters on a white void is cold and foreign to me. I am much more comfortable with the paper in my journal and a blue gel pen that bleeds all over the page especially when I am writing to fast and digging the little metal tip of the pen too deep into the paper. I tend to have the pressure of someone trying to make a carving when I write. BUT… I want to try to share better. I want to be more fluid with expressing publicly what is on my mind and most importantly what is in my heart So I am going to give this Blog a real try again, A real restart.

My hope is that this blog can be a place that I can be seen, like really seen for who I am trying to be and a place to see others who wish to be really seen as well. I hope that this will be a place to connect and learn and to become more. Ambitious I know but I tend to set pretty lofty goals for myself and I will be darned if I don’t do my best to reach them.

With all of that being said. Welcome to Super and Sunshine a companion blog to our YouTube channel. I am glad you came. Please take a look around and get to know our family better. In the future this blog will be filled with ideas and love and family history and compassion and craziness and a sharing of things I have learned and feelings and humanity. I hope the Humanity and Love shine through the most. I encourage you to add to this blog. To connect and share your reality and feelings and moments and family and art and any crazy thing you can think of that adds to the collective humanity that I am striving to create. You are welcome here! You can feel at home here!

With that I guess I should close this first post but I hope to start posting regularly and keep this journal of humanity updated as best as I can. I look forward to getting to know you and who you are and want to be. I look forward to the connections that we will make and the amazing art that we will create. Till then know that you are loved and that you have a very important space here in this crazy world. You are a special part of Humanity and it would be incomplete without you.

Sending lots of Love!!