About Our Family

Day 118 of #familyinyourface  Today was such a bright warm day, perfect for a good jump shot in front of the car barn. Why is jumping in unison so hard? We have about 100 of these shots now all with us in various stages of jumping. This one was the one with the most airtime. Want a shoutout from us? Tag your family portraits with #familyinyourface and we will give a shoutout to our favorites! #shoutout #vlog #vlogger #dailyphoto #family #love #peace #smile #youtube #superandsunshine
It’s a brand new day!!

We are just your ordinary family… well okay maybe not that ordinary.
Follow our daily adventures as we explore life and prepare for one of the biggest road trips of our lives.
Super and Sunshine consists of:
Joshua Robert Superman¬† – That’s me! . I may be a little silly but nothing is silly about how much I love my family. Documenting and sharing our adventures makes me happy!
Julie Lee Sunshine –¬† Julie is amazing. she takes care of, teaches and loves each one of us in the family.¬† Did I mention that she is amazing?
Abraham Moses Starshine – He is not afraid to be himself but often gets himself into trouble with his curiosity.
Miriam Sunrise- Our girly girl. she loves to be silly and take care of her cute toy pets.
Samuel Lightning – This boy loves anything with wheels and his cute smile often gets him out of the trouble.
Gabriel Moon-Tiger – This boy loves cuddling and laughing out loud at his silly family.

Join us for our daily adventures on YouTube.
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