Balloon Challenge with Super and Sunshine!!!

The Balloon challenge!!!
We saw some other vloggers doing this  balloon challenge and wanted to give it a try. Watch and see who can keep two balloons up the longest. We might have to try this one again. The balloons we used were only half inflated and made the challenge much more difficult. Maybe next time we will inflate the balloons all the way! Stay Tuned for a Balloon Challenge 2!!

We want to challenge two other families to try this challenge:
Our Twin live @
How Our Garden Grows @
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Super and Sunshine Tag Your It. A list of 25 Fun Vlogging Challenges.


In preparation of our family going to VloggerFair. We created some Tag Your It cards to hand out to all the other vloggers that we will meet. Each card contains a fun challenge for the vlogger to complete and share. As a family we will be working to complete each challenge ourselves. It is going to be so much fun. Julie and I came up with these over the course of a few days. We hope to create another list of new challenges as soon as we complete these ones. If you are daring, see if you can complete all of the challenges too. They are in no particular order. Work your way down the list or just pick and choose  your challenges. Let us know how it goes!


25 Vlogger challenges by Super and Sunshine

1. Sing your favorite song as loudly as you can in a crowded public place.

2. Hand out flowers to all around  you in a public park.

3. Vlog something personal while on a crowded elevator

4. Do something you are terrified of doing and share the results for all to see.

5. Confess to a complete stranger a secret that you have been keeping.

6. Spend your afternoon giving out hugs in a park or on a busy street corner.

7. Do that one thing you have been putting off and share the results.

8. Write a poem and put it up all around town, on power poles, walls, pr anywhere else.

9. Document yourself doing one random act of kindness a day for a whole month.

10. Run through the sprinklers with your clothes on.

11. Leave a happy message for all to see somewhere fun, in sidewalk chalk.

12. Visibly wear mismatching socks for an entire day. See who notices!

13.Have a real conversation with someone who is homeless.

14. Stop and drop what you are doing and break into dance at 2pm every day for a week.

15. Perfect the art of the cartwheel and show it off to all who will watch.

16. Pretend to be a mannequin in a store window at the mall.

17. Find a local Non-Profit cause and  donate at least an hour of your time. Don’t forget to share it.

18. Keep a smile o your face the entire day. even if things are not going as you would like.

19. Come up with a performance routine, even if you are not very good and spend a day street performing.

20. Write out 5 happy notes and leave them in random places for complete strangers to find and enjoy.

21. Give a compliment to everyone that you talk with today.

22. Write a letter to your future self and share it with us all.

23. Paint a portrait of yourself.

24. Take a picture of an amazing ordinary moment in your life once a day for a week and share.

25. Write out your life story up to now and reenact it for us all to see.


So there is the list. We will keep you updated as we cross each challenge of. Let us know  how the challenges go for you. Have a super happy great time!!