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We have been sending postcards out now to those who want them for seven months now and we absolutely love it! This last postcard I wanted to try something new. We recorded a special one take video and uploaded it as unlisted on our YouTube channel. Then we printed a QR code link to the video on the back of the card. Kind of like a secret video just for those who get the postcard. Well we just got our card back in the mail and found the postage marks make the link unusable. Man!! Looks like a new design is in order for this month. I will put the link to the one take in the description of our next public video. I am also going to try again this month, so if you want to be included and get a postcard from us visit our Patreon page to support us or just Dm me your mailing address. Thank you to all of you who have already given your love and support to make this possible. Sending lots of love!! from Instagram:

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