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Meet Abraham / Aurora the oldest of our kiddos. He was born on Christmas Eve and spent the first few weeks of his life in the NICU. As the oldest he has constantly trained Julie and I on how to be parents. He is currently very passionate about his Prismacolor pencils. It’s about all he talks about. That is when he is not drawingand making his art. He is a strong, caring and compassionate soul who is not afraid to be himself.
Many have asked why he can often be seen wearing dresses and girls clothing and the honest answer is because he wants to. It’s important to him. Sometimes he wants to be identified as a girl and sometimes a boy and we love him regardless of what gender he wants to be that day.

He is confident and strong in who he wants to be and we could not be any happier to have him just as he is in our lives.

#abeisauroratoo #genderfluid #proud #this kidisamazing #notafraidtobedifferent from Instagram:

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