#2 While Momma is Gone, We Clean the Playroom. Good Times!

Sunday April 13th 2014
#2 While Momma is Gone, We Clean the Playroom. Good Times!

Today while Julie went to the store for some very needed grocery shopping, the kiddos and I cleaned the playroom. We might have too many toys but they all got put away for now.

Miriam also lost a tooth while Momma was away. At the end of the day each one of our kiddos got a toy for working so hard and helping lean the house. It was a pretty exciting day!

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#1 Riding Bikes and Playing Scooby Doo

Saturday April 12th 2014
#1 Riding Bikes and Playing Scooby Doo

My kids are amazing! They have so much fun just being themselves. This is my attempt to capture and share some of that fun. Everyday I hope to capture some moment of family fun and post it here. Let me know what you think.

In our daily family Vlog we hope to capture the essence of what life is like in our crazy little(big) family. In this episode We ride our bikes all over the driveway, while I pretend to be various bad guys from ScoobyDoo. My favorite is when I am the cotton candy monster and they eat me. Good Times!