Still Pregnant… 39 Weeks Pregnant to be exact. Any day Now!!! Mar 6 – 12 2018

Our lives have been put on hold as we wait for this baby to come. We had assumed that we would be holding the little one in our arms by now. We know the baby will come when it’s the right time. We are just terrible at waiting and are so looking forward to getting to know this new addition to our family. We will do our best to keep you all updated. Make sure to follow us on Instagram if you want to know when the baby comes sooner. Sending lots of love your way!!!

Hi We are Super and Sunshine! A family of 6 and one on the way. After selling our house and converting our shuttle bus into an RV we spent a year and a half on the road traveling around the United States. Now in a new chapter of life we have settled down in Washington state to wait for our new baby due in March and to see what life has in store for our family. We make videos when we can and love having new experiences, seeing amazing places, and making new friends. Join our daily adventures and get to know our family as we begin this crazy new chapter in our lives!

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